Tired of looking at holiday or leftovers from large family meals? A new kitchen tool is now available to better preserve leftovers and keep the yummy factor. Called Vacu-Seal™, it is a handheld, battery-operated vacuum sealer that is designed for everyday use in the fridge, pantry or freezer. Its compact size makes it easy to store in a drawer and its reusable bags are dishwasher-safe and work in the microwave.
Vacu-sealing stores food five-times longer so leftovers can resurface months later in recipes that call for ham and turkey. Moreover, Vacu-Seal makes a food plan easy by creating large, healthy family-style dishes and then using portion control to store in the smaller-sized bags. Perhaps your drawer full of take-out menus can now be the home for the Vacu-Seal.
Pressed for time? Vacuum sealing meat, chicken or fish speeds the marinating process to minutes rather than hours. Removing the air stretches the food fibers and draws the marinade into the food, and allows you to marinate without calorie-laden oils.