The council unanimously approved permanent renter protections before the sun-setting of the eviction moratorium on Feb. 1. These protections include a Just Cause Ordinance, which will prevent landlords from arbitrarily evicting renters that have been living in a location for more than six months.

Additionally, it protects unauthorized tenants and pets that moved into a friend’s or relative’s place during the pandemic until 2024.

Last week’s vote also prepares the way to establish a threshold for non-payment and relocation assistance for rent increases of 10% or more. 

These are monumental protections and the most substantial legislation to help renters in LA since the 1979 Rent Stabilization Ordinance.

The City Council unanimously approved allocating $50 million for Mayor Karen Bass’ Inside Safe Program. This allocation will bolster our efforts to bring our unhoused neighbors indoors and provide services for those in need. It is time that our city government invests in programs to create a more just Los Angeles. 

Councilmember Hugo Soto-Martinez and I also introduced a motion to provide additional funding for the Senior Meals Program and extend it past its Jan. 15 expiration date. 

This legislation also calls for exploring ways to sustain the program financially. The council approved this motion.

Additionally, Councilmember Bob Blumenfiend and I introduced a motion to invest $1 million to create an office of Unarmed Response and Safety.  Systemic change is long overdue. If approved by all relevant committees and the City Council, this will create a foundation for responding to 988 calls. 

With new leadership in the city, we can build equity into our systems and right some fundamental wrongs that have been built into policy for far too long.

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