Citizens for Accountable Leadership (CAL) hosted a special reception honoring the newly elected  officials in LA County on Jan. 19. Mayor Karen Bass; Congressmember Sydney Kamlager Dove; Sen. Lola Smallwood-Cuevas; Sheriff Robert Luna; City Attorney Hydee Feldstein Soto; Judge Holly Hancock; Judge Melissa Lyons; and Judge Patrick Hare were invited. 

“We will embrace our newly elected officials, and continue to collaborate and partner with them in  supporting legislation, and initiatives that will benefit the constituents in LA County,” said the Vice Chair of CAL,  Rickey Ivie, Esq.

CAL was formerly organized as the African American Leadership Finance Council for the  Joe Biden/Kamala Harris Campaign. 

The group decided to continue its efforts as an unincorporated association under the name Citizens for  Accountable Leadership (CAL). Its dual mission is to provide a platform for candidates to discuss issues that are relevant  to the community and to promote political engagement, education, and empowerment. 

Additionally, CAL raises funds  for candidates who are running for public office, if it’s compelling to the organization. 

“Our organization provides the  opportunity for elected officials and candidates who are running for office to highlight their experience, expertise, and  ideas to enhance and help our communities thrive,” said CAL’s Chair, Dr. Gail Willis. “Additionally, we want to give the  public an opportunity to engage and dialogue with our elected officials.”  

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