It is sad to learn about the closure of the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza Macy’s store, which has been a staple here for years—first as May Company, then Robinsons May and then Macy’s. 

But that store is the only reason I have a credit card. The boots I have on now came from there, as well as the flashy pumps I wore at my son’s wedding. Then there are the Christmas gifts I purchased just a few weeks ago. For years, store salespeople have seen me coming with my red Macy’s credit card. 

What can I say? I believe in retail therapy.

News is that Macy’s will close four stores across the US in the first quarter of 2023. The closures are part of a three-year restructuring plan Macy’s announced in 2020. The company has been experimenting with opening smaller concept stores outside suburban malls known as Market by Macy’s.

I will never understand the Macy’s company’s thinking. The store is a jewel in our neighborhood and it has always seemed that the shoppers in the community valued that. We also valued the jobs this store created here. I worked at Robinson’s May when I was in college in San Diego and later Macy’s at then Fox-Hills when I needed a second nighttime job and the store was hiring extras during the holidays. Macy’s came in handy in more than one way for this writer. 

Apparently some employees at the affected stores will be offered roles at nearby stores or severance packages. The closures since the 2020 restructuring have reportedly been made to “lower costs, bring teams closer together, and reduce duplicative work,” according to Macy’s CEO Jeff Gennette.

The Macy’s closure is final and though journalist Jasmyne Cannick has written that a fight to save the store is “past the letter-writing stage,” an online feedback page helped this writer get concerns off her chest. 

To submit memories, visit Scroll to the bottom where there is a link to “Tell us what you think.” After choosing “In store experience,” and picking California’s Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza store, then to choose “complaint,” “general feedback” and there is a space to make comments.

Growing up in the neighborhood, I’ve seen plenty of changes on Crenshaw — I remember when Vons and The Broadway were there, before the mall was constructed. 

This loss of Macy’s really brings a bit of grief.

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  1. And now Baldwin Hills – Crenshaw Plaza isn’t listed at all for “in store” feedback. More importantly though is, what happens to the Museum of African American Art which has resided in that store since the mid-90’s?

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