Revolution, a distinctive new public art sculpture, has been unveiled at the Palmdale Auto Mall. This one-of-a-kind mirror-polished stainless-steel sculpture, created by artist Heath Satow, is located at Auto Vista Drive and Carriage Way, just south of Technology Drive. 

The installation is a public-private partnership between the City and the Palmdale Auto Mall. The piece is part of the Palmdale Public Art program and represents the Public Art Commission’s first formal unveiling.

Revolution creates a sense of motion through its shape and reflection. The curves of vehicular body shapes are mirrored in the sculpture, and the mirror-polished stainless-steel finish is reminiscent of one of the most common car details: chrome. Just as natural light changes and the colors of the seasons change, these permutations reflect in the art and change it from moment to moment.

The cost for the design, fabrication, transportation and installation was $185,000, paid for primarily through the Public Art fund. Maintenance of the sculpture and the roundabout will be the responsibility of the Palmdale Auto Mall.

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