The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (Public Health) released the latest data on  COVID-19 on Monday:

• 10,089 New COVID-19 cases 

   (3,562,059 cases to date)

• Monday 12/05 – 1,713

• Sunday 12/04 – 3,270

• Saturday 12/03 – 5,106

• 29 New deaths due to COVID-19 

  (34,241 deaths to date)

• Monday 12/05 – 6

• Sunday 12/04 – 10

• Saturday 12/03 – 13

• Hospitalization numbers are currently pending as we await more information from the California Department of Public Health.

• More than 12,746,000 individuals tested; 25% 

   of people tested positive to date.

A wide range of data and dashboards on COVID-19 from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health are available on the Public Health website at

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests residents make a COVID-19 plan now and be prepared.

Consider how others may help if you get sick and identify the supplies needed. Plan for options for work, childcare, and other responsibilities that may cause stress if you were to become sick.

Share the COVID-19 plan with family, friends, and healthcare providers so they can support those prevention and preparation steps.

Build the personal plan now by downloading COVID-19 Plan.

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