Viewership for coverage of last Thursday’s House Select Committee hearing on the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol was the most-watched prime-time program since President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address March 1, according to Nielsen.

The approximately two-hour hearing averaged 20.043 million viewers on the 11 networks for which figures were available. The figure did not include viewership on PBS due to PBS data delivery timing. The State of the Union address averaged 38.197 million viewers on 16 networks.

The hearing accounted for five of the 20 most-watched prime-time programs between June 6 and Sunday, topped by ABC, which averaged 5.216 million viewers, fifth for the week.

MSNBC’s second hour of coverage was the week’s most-watched prime-time cable program, averaging 4.42 million viewers, sixth for the week.

By comparison, the week’s most-watched individual program was ABC coverage of Game four of the NBA Finals, with the Golden State Warriors’ 107-97 victory over the Boston Celtics Friday, averaging a series-high 12.063 million viewers.

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