In furthering the message from a community forum this past weekend on illegal cannabis in the Antelope Valley, the Lancaster Sheriff’s Station this week  issued tips for local residents to keep their neighborhoods safe from illegal grow houses.

“Dealing with illegal grow houses is frustrating, lowers property value, brings a criminal aspect to our community and could be dangerous,” officials said in a news release, which listed the top red flags to look out for to identify potential grow houses: 

• Immediate indoor construction following the 

   purchase of a residence.

• Construction occurring during darkness hours 

   and on weekends.

• Construction primarily inside detached 

   buildings and garages.

• No move-in of household belongings, 

  appliances, furniture, etc.

• Middle aged men are the only persons 

   visiting the residence.

• Luxury vehicles randomly arrive at the 


• Unusual patterns of human activity (persons 

   seldom there, then an influx of traffic).

• Unusual lighting, such as interior lights 

   constantly on, or increased security lighting.

• Large diesel generators on the property.

• Additions to detached buildings and garages.

• Installation of air conditioning units.

• Air conditioning units operating in 

   cold weather.

• Installation of solar panels.

• Installation of solid perimeter fencing, 

   or security fencing.

• Installation of multiple surveillance cameras.

• Overall lack of care and maintenance for 


• The odor of marijuana emitting from 

   buildings on the property.

• Exterior windows are covered from inside 

   the residence.

• Large aggressive dogs roaming the property.

• Ventilation ducts installed in odd locations 

   on the residence.

• Alterations to electrical panels.

“If your neighbor moves in and starts a remodel, it does not mean they are converting the home into an illegal grow house,” the news release states. “But we all know our neighbors and neighborhoods and a combination of some of the points listed above may be worth reporting.”

Residents can assist local law enforcement by reporting suspicious activity to or contacting the Lancaster Sheriff’s Station at (661) 948-8466. To remain anonymous, call Crime Stoppers at (800) 222-TIPS (8477).

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