A Texas school district said Monday that leaders were “disturbed” after a White high school student was recorded on video slapping a Black teacher during class and “making racially charged comments and threats,” reports Fox News

The incident happened at a school in the Castleberry Independent School District in the Fort Worth area on an unspecified date. Video circulating on social media Monday shows the student walking to the front of the classroom toward the teacher, who is using a landline telephone on a desk. The student presses the receiver, ending the call.

When the teacher tries to remove the student’s hand from the receiver, the student slaps the teacher’s arm with an open hand, the video shows.

The teacher walks out of the video’s frame and returns a few seconds later to find the student attempting to use the landline to make a call.

“No, I’m calling my momma. You ain’t about to f— me up, b—-,” the student said. Speaking into the phone, the student can be heard saying, “You want to talk to her ‘cause she’s Black, and she’s f—— pissing me off right now.”

The student then throws the phone onto a surface next to the teacher and appears to leave the classroom. It was not immediately clear at which school in the district the encounter occurred.

The Castleberry School District responded in a written statement on Monday, calling the incident disturbing while also commending the teacher for her professionalism during the encounter.

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