Nashville is known for kick-starting the careers of many great musicians. One community is playing together to bring classical music to the Black community there, reports WTVF Channel 3.The Nashville African American Wind Symphony wants to create a vital cultural experience within the African American community by establishing a world-class wind band ensemble while also providing exceptional music education, training resources, and performing arts entertainment exposure for youth musicians“Being on the podium makes you feel powerful, makes you feel like the guy in charge but that doesn’t matter, it’s making music with like-minded people. “Bruce Ayers is standing exactly where he dreamed, he would always be standing. “When I’m on the podium and I’m conducting the Nashville African-American Wind Symphony, it’s a young Black boy that’s living out what his purpose of life is.”Ayers is the musical director and founder of the Nashville African American Wind Symphony, but he didn’t do it alone.Like music, first came the pitch and then the sound.”Music has always been a part of my life,” said flute player Ashley Crawford.On the stage you’ll find doctors, lawyers, educators, mothers and fathers all with a a gift in playing classical music.”We use our music to touch other people. Music is a universal language,” said Victoria McDowell, clarinet player.

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