A mural last year depicting a Florida city’s first Black female deputy firefighter with a White face prompted a lawsuit, a public apology and the dismissals of two municipal employees — and it may soon result in an $80,000 payout, reports NBC News.

The woman, Latosha Clemons, 48, sued the city of Boynton Beach, about 60 miles north of Miami, in April for defamation and negligence. Her depiction in the mural, hung at a fire station and presented on June 3, 2020, elicited embarrassment and anger, according to Clemons’ lawsuit.

“Being depicted as White was not only a false presentation of CLEMONS, it was also a depiction which completely disrespected all that CLEMONS — the first female Black firefighter for the CITY — had accomplished, her determination, focus and hard work,” the lawsuit says.

Boynton Beach Mayor Steven Grant Wednesday called Clemons’ portrayal in the mural “unacceptable.” He said the City Commission will vote Tuesday on an $80,000 settlement. Grant, who said he was not sure how the four other commissioners will vote, said, “I’m in favor of it.”