Caleb Anderson (309025)

He’s young, Black and gifted. While most kids are preparing to go to middle school at 13-years old, Caleb Anderson is hitting the books big time at Georgia Tech, where he is a sophomore studying aerospace engineering, reports Afro Tech.

Caleb Anderson has been a whiz kid since before he got to Georgia Tech, but he gives praises to his parents for fueling his love for learning over the years.

“I’ve had a love for learning for a while and I think every child really does have that,” Anderson said. “I think my parents are the ones who really cultivated it and taught me how to use that love for learning and from there [that’s where] I got interested in science, technology, engineering and math.”

Even though Anderson is in college during his middle school years, he still does what he needs to do to remain grounded.

“I usually keep Saturdays off to myself to not do anything,” he said. “You know, even normal college kids or everyone needs time to just take a break for themselves because you need to sleep, you need to eat and you need to relax. School is very important, but it can’t consume your whole life.”

In his free time, Anderson enjoys spending time with friends and vacationing among many other things.