Missouri police dog biting (308798)

The FBI has launched an investigation into a Missouri police department after viral video surfaced showing a detained Black man repeatedly being bitten by a police dog, reports the New York Post. The disturbing footage show the suspect with his hands on a squad car when the canine is released and begins biting his foot Monday in the St. Louis County city of Woodson Terrace.

After several seconds, two officers take the man to the ground, with the dog still chomping on his right foot, the clip shows. The man then tries to stand up but is taken down by the dog again. The cops then appear to handcuff the suspect.

“Don’t let the dog bite him,” a woman is heard yelling at the cops on the video. “Are you serious? Oh my God. You let him bite him.”

The suspect’s name has not been released. Woodson Terrace Police Chief Randy Halsted told the St. Louis Dispatch that his department is “fully cooperating” with the federal probe.