Gun violence has long impacted Black communities throughout America. Recent statistics are devastatingly clear: “Black Americans are disproportionately impacted by gun violence. They experience 10 times the gun homicides, 15 times the gun assault injuries, and 3 times the fatal police shootings of white Americans.” According to https://everytownresearch.org

“Each day, on average, 26 Black Americans are killed by guns, and 104 experience non-fatal injuries. At least every other day, a Black person is shot and killed by police. These trends worsen in large cities, where Black Americans make up 68 percent of homicide victims.”

On Thursday, Sept. 9 at 5 p.m. a coalition of LA-based HBCU Alumni Association chapter leaders will host a Days of Dialogue virtual community conversation on Gun Violence Prevention. Recent events, including a raging pandemic, have made this intractable problem worse.

Many graduates of HBCUs were raised in communities where gun violence occurs, including natives of Los Angeles; Brooklyn, NY; Gary, Ind.; Williamsburg, Va.; Columbia, S.C.; and, Newellton, La. These alumni bring their deeply personal experiences and ideas about prevention to the conversation. This context makes for a rich dialogue that facilitates understanding and clears a path forward for healthier and safer communities.

“We don’t have enough conversations [on the topic],” said Norfolk State University Alumni Association Chapter President Melanie Winn. “I’m not a gun owner and don’t knock anyone who does. But I want to understand why a person does. I believe that the better we understand this issue, the better we can help”.

All are invited to join the dialogue by registering for the free event at https://tinyurl.com/hbcudialogue.