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McDonald’s is setting new diversity goals with its largest suppliers. According to a report from Bloomberg, the world’s largest restaurant chain by sales is making a pledge to diversify its supply chain by committing roughly 25 percent — or $3.5 billion — of the company’s annual domestic supply-chain spending to minority and women-owned suppliers by the year 2025.

“Throughout my career, I have historically seen supplier diversity viewed as a social program grounded in doing ‘the right thing,’” Reggie Miller — chief diversity, inclusion and equity officer at McDonald’s — said, reports Afro Tech. “Today, however, consumers have greater access to information about the brands they purchase from. They want to support brands they can trust.”

“When we refreshed our global DEI strategy last year, we knew supplier diversity needed to be a central principle,” he continued. “We knew this was key to ensuring we generate innovative products and services, increase competition, and build economic growth in communities. Done right, it encourages the use of suppliers from a diverse mix of ownership.”

This increase from McDonald’s current 23 percent of supply-chain dollars will also include spending by franchisees who own and operate 93 percent of McDonald’s stores around the world.

Additionally, McDonald’s is also pledging a round of new measures that will include annual equity and inclusion training for employees, more minority representation in leadership and monitoring efforts to improve equality. The company also invites those who do business with it to join its Diversity and Inclusion Pledge, per an announcement.