There will be a 26-hour freeway and road closure from 7 a.m. tomorrow through 9 a.m. Sunday. Southern California Edison (SCE) will be replacing a pole located on the 14 Freeway and Avenue J.

The work is to ensure that the power grid is supported with up to date technology and that reliability continues to improve.

During the closure, SCE will be installing two tubular steel poles on W. Avenue J and Highway 14 using two cranes. One crane will be on the east side of Highway 14 and one crane will be on the west side of Highway 14. The work will also require aerial wire being transferred across Highway 14.

SCE will impact our local street for staging of cranes and other required safety equipment and will have the following impacts on local traffic:

• Vehicle traffic will be delayed on East Avenue J and will be reduced to just one travel lane. (Please avoid using this route if possible)

• To ensure your safety during construction, there will be sidewalk, lane, road, and alley closures.

• Crew members will use appropriate traffic control signs and flags.

• Temporary No Parking signs will be posted to enable crews to access poles and equipment.

• Temporary no parking areas will be enforced by local law enforcement.

• There may be noise associated with the construction activities. In some cases heavy equipment (i.e. cranes) will be used.

• For crews to work safely, SCE will be scheduling temporary power outages during construction.

• In these cases, SCE will notify you by phone, text, email, and mail at least 72 hours prior to the outage.

• Look out for additional communications from SCE and PAR Electric providing notification of specific construction activities. These could be additional letters, door hangers or posted signs.

Though this project is an SCE Capital Project and they are responsible for the work, the City is benefiting on the ongoing Avenue J project by not having to pay for the relocation of three transmission poles. This is a cost savings for Lancaster of a reported $385,000.

For details, call (760) 445-6504 or (888) 759-6056.