John Simmons is on display in Leimert Park. (306086)
John Simmons is on display in Leimert Park. Credit: Aziz Gallerie

Three prominent Los Angeles Art Galleries, The J. Paul Getty Museum, Aziz Gallery and The Jean Deleage Art Gallery at CASA 0101 Theater will simultaneously present three separate art exhibitions featuring the photography of two time Emmy Award-winning Cinematographer, Photographer and Artist, John Simmons, ASC.

“We will be hosting a special Artist Talk and Reception with John Simmons at Aziz Gallerie on Saturday, July 11, from 2 to 4 p.m. Admission is free.” Aziz Diagen, Owner of Aziz Gallerie, said.

“I began my career at the age of 15 as a photographer for the oldest African-American owned newspaper, The Chicago Daily Defender,” Simmons said. “Then, I segued into work as a Cinematographer, which has been my mainstay for many years. I’m glad to see photographs I took back in my teens are still relevant today.”

“I have been fortunate from my earliest days,” Simmons continued “that my career has been mentored and shaped by many, including film directors, Carlton Moss and Ousman Sembène, regarded as the father of African Cinema, as well as by photographer, Robert “Bobby” Sengstacke, who introduced me to street photography. And now, today, I am honored by the fact that the J. Paul Getty Museum is acquiring some of my photos for their permanent collection.”

The four photographs the Getty is acquiring, include: ‘The Fan,’ Los Angeles, CA, 2017; ‘Love on the Bus,’ Chicago, IL, 1967; ‘Unite or Perish,’ Chicago, IL, 1969; and ‘Fight Like A Girl,’ Los Angeles, CA, 2018, the later two of which are in the current Getty Museum, exhibit. Simmons also donated a photograph titled, ‘Observatory,’ Los Angeles, CA, 2017 for their permanent collection.

Aziz Gallerie presents Chronicles of Our Culture, featuring the photography of John Simmons, ASC and other contemporary artists throughout the African diaspora.

The 21 photographs by John Simmons included in “Chronicles of Our Culture” include: Rosa Parks (Los Angeles, 1990); Jesse Jackson (Chicago, IL, 1968); Alejandro Santiago Statues (Oaxaca, Mexico, 2014); Archie Shepp (Nashville, TN, 1971); Boys on a Bike (New York, NY, 1969); Checking Teeth (Trinidad, 2015); Christmas Eve (Chicago, IL, 1967); Cotillion (Los Angeles, CA, 2015); Dancers in Flight (Nashville, TN, 1972); Free Huey (Chicago, IL, 1968); Girl Eating Ice Cream (Chicago, IL, 1967); Love on the Bus (Chicago, IL, 1967); Macon, GA (Macon, GA, 1969); Man With A Pistol (Chicago, IL, 1965); Motorcycle Flowers (Nashville, TN, 1973); Nazi (Los Angeles, CA, 2014); Shoe Shine (Nashville, TN, 1969); The Blackman (New York, NY, 1969); Unite of Perish (Chicago, IL, 1968); White Coat (Nashville, TN, 1971); and Woman in Black (Nashville, TN, 1970).

The exhibition will be on view through July 18 at Aziz Gallerie, 3343 West 43rd Street, Leiment Park, CA 90008. Admission is free. In-person Aziz Gallerie viewing hours are: Tuesday through Sunday from noon to 7 p.m. Aziz Gallerie is closed on Mondays. Pieces in the exhibit are for sale. Call Aziz Gallerie at (323) 815-1843 to inquire. Learn more at and