As part of the City of Santa Clarita’s annual Road Rehab program, overlay work will soon commence refurbishing Railroad Avenue between Magic Mountain Parkway and 15th Street. Construction activities began yesterday and continue through the end of September. Work will take place overnight during the hours of 7 p.m. to 4:30 a.m. to reduce traffic impacts and accelerate the work schedule.

The refurbishment of Railroad Avenue will be completed using a Cold In-place Recycling (CIR) process, rather than conventional asphalt removal and overlay. Existing pavement will be milled and crushed into an aggregate, and new asphalt foam emulsion will be added to the mixture before laying it back down and compacting it into refurbished asphalt. Once this process is complete, a rubberized asphalt top course will be placed on top of the CIR pavement to create a smooth driving surface.

In addition to rehabilitating this stretch of Railroad Avenue to address cracks and other driving hazards, the CIR process will save time, energy and money. CIR requires fewer construction days, resulting in a reduced impact on local traffic and fewer lane closures.

By utilizing the CIR process, the City can recycle 3.5 inches of asphalt and reduce the layer of rubberized asphalt cap from eight inches to two inches. Overall, this eliminates the need to bring in over 23,000 tons of aggregate, reducing the number of truck trips to and from the project site and minimizing traffic and road degradation impacts in the area.

CIR also reduces greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption by approximately 70 percent. As a result of these benefits, the CIR process is anticipated to save approximately $2 million on the project cost.

Road Rehab will also include treatment and repairs for residential and arterial roads throughout Santa Clarita over the next few months to improve City roadways and extend their life. For the latest construction updates and lane closures, including last-minute changes in scheduling, follow the hashtag #SCRoadRehab on Twitter.

For any questions or concerns, residents may contact the project hotline at (661) 290-2291.