A Black Oklahoma man said he was scared for his life after police detained him at gunpoint and handcuffed him when they responded to a purported false 911 call alleging he brandished a gun in a road rage incident.

The Norman, Oklahoma, Police Department released body-camera footage this week of officers detaining Steven Bomar at gunpoint at a gas station in Norman in what one apologetic officer later told Bomar was a “misunderstanding.”

Bomar told ABC affiliate station KOCO-TV in Oklahoma City that he wants the caller to face charges and suffer the consequences for putting his life in danger. He said he suspects the caller is the same man who cut him off in traffic, yelled racial slurs at him and followed him for several miles.

Lt. Cary Bryant, a police spokesperson, told ABC News on Wednesday that investigators have yet to locate the motorist who made the false complaint.

“It’s still under investigation,” Bryant said.

Bryant said the incident underscores how “extremely dangerous” it can be to make a false 911 complaint.

“We take every one of those calls just as seriously because you never know in today’s climate,” Bryant said. “For the officers, they hate being in that position, too.”

The incident unfolded on June 15 when the caller told a 911 dispatcher that a “Black guy … in a red Chevy Suburban” pulled a gun on him during a road-rage confrontation.