Emma Sharif is running for Mayor of Compton. (304979)
Emma Sharif is running for Mayor of Compton. Credit: City of Compton

Councilwoman Emma Sharif continues to lead the mayoral election race in Compton, according to the latest election results from the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk. Compton’s General Municipal Election was held on Tuesday, June 1.

As of the June 8 tally, Sharif has received 4,333 votes (51.31 percent). Her opponent Christian Reynaga, who was endorsed by outgoing Mayor Aja Brown, has received 4,112 votes (48.69 percent).

Although Sharif and Reynaga are only separated by a margin of 221 votes, voting officials have reported that the estimated number of outstanding ballots left to be processed and counted is 168.

The city’s next mayor will be tasked with issues surrounding homelessness, economic development, and the city’s sometimes contentious relationship with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. The City of Compton is currently suing Los Angeles County, seeking damages because they allege the sheriff’s department has billed them for millions of dollars of street patrols that haven’t taken place.

Meanwhile, out of the 48,387 registered voters, 8,686 votes were counted as of June 8, calculating voter turnout at a mere 17.95 percent. Because of the pandemic, more than 95 percent of votes were cast via mail-in ballots.

Several other municipal races were also contested in addition to the mayor’s race. As of June 8, in the District 2 City Council race, incumbent Isaac Galvan holds a narrow lead by one vote over challenger Andre “Hub City Dre” Spicer. Galvan has received 853 votes (50.87 percent), compared to 852 votes (49.97 percent) for Spicer.

If Reynaga and Galvan end up losing, Compton will have no Latino representation in the mayor’s office or on the city council. This coming in a city that according to the U.S. Census Bureau has approximately 96,000 residents, more than two-thirds of whom are Latino

In the District 3 City Council race, Jonathan Bowers is leading against incumbent Tana L. McCoy. Bowers has garnered 61 percent of votes, compared to 39 percent for McCoy.

Brandon Mims is leading the City Treasurer race against Satra Zurita. Mims has garnered approximately 58 percent of votes, compared to 42 percent for Zurita.

City Attorney Damon Brown and City Clerk Alita Godwin previously won their races in the primary election.

The next ballot counting update will be Friday, June 11. The City of Compton General Municipal Election is expected to be certified on Monday, June 14.