Weed Law (263731)

The Lancaster Sheriff’s Department, the California Department of Fish and Game, the California Highway Patrol, and other partners began a joint effort with Los Angeles County to investigate illegal growing operations within Lancaster city limits that are in violation of the City Municipal Code, state, and federal law.

On May 19, Sheriff’s Department personnel arrested four people for conspiracy to commit a crime, cultivation and transportation of marijuana, transportation of marijuana for sale, and illegal possession of a firearm.

LASD personnel also impounded and/or stored 32 vehicles and the California Highway Patrol impounded and/or stored 16 vehicles. All of the vehicles towed were being used to transport water, marijuana, or contained materials used to cultivate marijuana.

“The City of Lancaster, LA County, and the LASD were able to swiftly and efficiently identify and apprehend illegal, water theft transport trucks used by illegal growers as part of our work to bring illegal growing to a halt in Lancaster,” said Mayor R. Rex Parris. “We are confident in our ongoing efforts to put a stop to any local illegal growing operations.”

Officials say the water being stolen is being used to irrigate illegal marijuana grows. There has been a drastic uptick in water theft over the last two years, and efforts such as this one are crucial to improving the overall safety of our City. Per LA County Public Works, if the pressure gets too low, fire hydrants are at risk.

Additionally, potable drinking water may be compromised. Illegal grows are harmful to the environment and wildlife due to the hazardous chemicals and toxic pesticides used.

Anyone with information regarding illegal growing operations or water theft in the City of Lancaster should contact the Public Safety Department at (661) 723-6063 or visit publicsafety@cityoflancasterca.org. Readers may also call “L.A. Crime Stoppers” at (800) 222-8477.