Associate degree candidate Enid Jai Wright has been selected as the student speaker for the 2021 Commencement Ceremony at Compton College. Wright is a mother, grandmother, and non-traditional student who enrolled in Compton College to create a new career for herself and follow her lifelong dream of attending medical school.

She is a biology and physiological sciences major who plans to transfer to a four-year university to complete her bachelor’s and master’s degrees before moving on to medical school. She hopes to attend either UCLA or Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science. Wright is considering a career as a surgeon or emergency room physician. She has worked as a surgical technician for nearly 25 years and is now looking to increase her earning potential while also helping others.

Wright’s commencement speech will focus on prevailing through adversity. Like many in California, even with a job, the cost of living is so high that it is difficult to cover basic needs. Wright has faced many setbacks and barriers in her life, including health issues and homelessness, but says she is not ashamed, because it makes her story and destiny that much greater. Two years ago, she envisioned herself at the podium speaking to her fellow graduates and was compelled to apply to be the student speaker when she was eligible to graduate this year.

Comprehensive enrollment assistance, financial aid, use of the computer lab, the dedication of her academic counselor, and regular visits to the Welcome and Transfer Centers were all instrumental in her success at Compton College. “The staff does all they can to help students and the professors are understanding in addition to being great instructors,” she said.

Wright’s advice for all students in college, and in life is: “Keep on going. Use perseverance to achieve your goals despite any challenges you face. It may take longer, but keep pushing for what you want.”