Hate Crime Scene (271086)

A now-viral video from April 17 shows a White man angrily getting out of his car and approaching a Black woman and her 3-year-old child after she drove around him in a parking lot, saying he would “blow your f*ing head off.” Just a week later, the 53-year-old man in Stow, Ohio, was charged with a felony and condemned by local officials and community members.

The victim of the incident, Kiauna Larkins, told CBS News that she was delivering a Door Dash order at Wyndham Ridge Apartments when she was verbally attacked by the man, who police have identified as James Rhodes. She said she had driven her car around Rhodes when he got out and immediately started to yell at her. Her 3-year-old child was with her at the time.

Larkins recorded the interaction, which shows a man getting out of his car and immediately telling her to “Get the f* out of here.”

“I pay $1,000 a month here. … F* you,” the man said to Larkins. He then called her racial slurs and threatened her while her child can be heard making sounds in the background.

“I’m racist. I’m a racist motherf’er. I got an AK-47 right now in my f’ing god d*mn car. I’ll blow your f’ing head off.”