Gov. Gavin Newsom issued the following statement in response to President Joe Biden’s executive actions on gun violence, including steps to cut down on the spread of ghost guns; invest in community-based violence prevention; regulate the trafficking of illegal firearms; and block dangerous people from accessing weapons:

“In the wake of three tragic mass shootings and daily gun violence that devastates families but rarely makes the news, President Biden is taking necessary, life-saving federal action to curb the gun violence

crisis that plagues our country and claims nearly 40,000 lives a year. I applaud his orders to diminish the proliferation of untraceable ‘ghost guns,’ invest in violence intervention and regulate the trade and trafficking of illegal firearms.

“These actions will save lives and reduce needless loss and suffering across the country.

“California is proud to have the strongest gun laws in the nation, including pioneering statewide protections approved by voters in Proposition 63 to ban possession of large-capacity ammunition magazines and require background checks to keep ammunition out of the hands of dangerous people. Since assuming office, I’ve signed multiple bills aimed at reducing gun violence, including strengthening gun violence restraining orders and regulating the sale of firearms and ammunition.

“I also worked with the Legislature to accelerate the regulation of ‘ghost guns’ to crack down on the use of untraceable firearms by criminals. Because of California’s commitment to meaningful gun safety laws, we have one of the lowest firearm injury death rates in the country.

“California has led the nation in passing gun safety laws. We are grateful to now have a partner in the White House who knows we can – and must – do more to end gun violence.”

Mayor Eric Garcetti also issued a statement:

“President Biden’s actions are a series of bold, essential answers to a national crisis: the fight to end the gun violence taking too many lives, tearing apart too many families, terrifying too many students, and terrorizing too many communities in Los Angeles and across our country.

“From the White House to City Hall, saving lives must always be our first priority, and our city has led the way with strong, clear, commonsense steps to get guns off our streets and reduce the number of dangerous firearms in our neighborhoods.

“Every mass shooting, every daily gun death, is a searing reminder that more must be done to expand background checks, ban assault weapons, and keep rifles out of the wrong hands. It’s time for Congress to follow the President’s lead and act with the urgency this moment demands. American lives depend on it.”