Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger wants an increase in vaccine access in the Antelope Valley.

“Representing the Antelope Valley, I am determined that this region receive ample COVID-19 vaccine supply—along with the necessary resources to help local residents access vaccine distribution sites,” Barger said.

“This is in line with the commitment by the Board of Supervisors to ensure equitable distribution of the vaccine in Los Angeles County’s hardest hit communities,” Barger said. “However, unlike other parts of the County, the Northern region is impacted by its rural geographic makeup and the lack of easily accessible transportation options. There is no more time to waste. We must commit to transparency and accountability in serving our residents through the Antelope Valley.”

Barger is asking the Department of Public Health (DPH) to work with FEMA to establish mobile sites for the Antelope Valley beginning in March. Barger has also asked that DPH consider additional options to vastly increase vaccine distribution in the North County region. This includes working with Kaiser Permanente to open a site in March; creating a new LA County Point of Distribution site in the Antelope Valley, and/or increasing the allocation of doses among community vaccination sites.

DPH reported additional collaborations such as Antelope Valley Hospital’s plan to begin vaccinating local teachers.

“Knowing that the Antelope Valley has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the County, we must do more for these residents, and we must do so immediately,” Barger said.