Kentucky Derby Museum will be highlighting stories of Black horsemen, who not only dominated the sport of Thoroughbred racing in the early days of the Kentucky Derby but continue to make a lasting mark on its legacy, reports Bloodline.com. Oliver Lewis, Isaac Murphy and Ansel Williamson are just a handful of legendary names that guests will learn about during two new immersive opportunities at the Kentucky Derby Museum. This tour is now available Saturdays.

Secondly, the Museum is launching the “Proud of My Calling” experience, a monthly, 60-minute immersive program where visitors are introduced to incredible Black horsemen through costumed actors, historic paintings, photos and objects from the past. Meet the greats such as Oliver Lewis, Isaac Murphy and Ansel Williamson. Lewis, a Black jockey, rode Aristides to victory in the first Kentucky Derby in 1875. Williamson, born enslaved, became a successful trainer, nabbing wins with horses including Aristides in that inaugural Derby. Murphy, also born enslaved, is considered one of the greatest jockeys of all time, winning three Kentucky Derbys and an estimated 44 percent of his races. This experience is offered monthly starting March 27.