Proposition 20, if approved by voters, will reclassify certain crimes and expand DNA collection by law enforcement.

As written, Proposition 20 makes it so firearm theft, vehicle theft and unlawful use of a credit card would no longer be classified as “wobblers” a loosely-defined term meaning that these crimes can be charged as misdemeanors or felonies

Additionally, Proposition 20 establishes two new crimes in the code: Serial crime and retail organized crime, also “wobblers.” The proposition would also expand mandatory DNA collection.

Those in favor of Proposition 20 argue that it gives prosecutors the discretion to pursue harsher sentences in so-called retail crimes. Those arguing against the proposition attest the change in classification would lead to over-sentencing of nonviolent crimes and could contribute to jail and prison overpopulation.

Supporters include two members of the California State Assembly (one Democrat and one Republican), a selection of law enforcement unions, and the Albertsons-Safeway grocery chain.

Opponents believe that the measure would waste millions on prisons and cuts rehabilitation and mental health. No voters include former California Gov. Jerry Brown and the ACLU of Northern California.