Applications are due by Aug. 31 for those interested in serving on the 2020 LA County Citizens Redistricting Commission. The commission is formed by LA County every 10 years to adjust the boundary lines of LA County’s five supervisorial districts.

“In the past we’ve seen a lot of communities that have been cut into pieces,” said Kathay Feng of common cause in a recent Ethnic Media Services zoom meeting. “In 2001, Watts was in three different congressional districts, three state assembly districts and three senatorial districts. But when redistricting the lines, 100 percent of Watts was in a single district.”

Feng explained that it is now far easier for Watts residents to reach their appropriate representatives to request assistance in the community.

Committee members are unpaid for their time and problem-solving efforts in focusing on county level redistricting. Their work will determine representation on the county Board of Supervisors. Applications can be submitted online at Paper copies of the application are also available upon request. Submit those requests by going to the site or calling (562) 229-6361.

“It is so important that we have diversity on the commission,” Feng said. “Redistricting really impacts the resources your community gets.”

Commissioners attend regular meetings and participate in productive conversations within various county communities.

Applications are open to county residents who have been registered voters for five years; have not changed their political party affiliation within the past five years; have voted in recent elections; and have no conflicts of interest. By Dec. 31, the county needs to have 14 citizens redistricting commissioners available to review 2020 Census data to make sure the members of the Board of Supervisors look like the communities they serve.