This week, freshman Rep. Mike Garcia (CA-25) was officially appointed to serve on the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure as well as the House Committee on Space, Science, and Technology.  

The House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure has jurisdiction over all modes of transportation: Aviation, maritime and waterborne transportation, highways, bridges, mass transit, and railroads. The Committee also has authority over other aspects of national infrastructure such as clean water and wastewater management, the transportation of resources by pipeline, flood damage reduction, disaster preparedness and response, and hazardous materials transportation. 

“The Transportation and Infrastructure Committee will benefit immensely by adding someone with Congressman Garcia’s real-world business experience and perspective as a decorated naval aviator,” said Rep. Sam Graves (R-Mo), ranking member of the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. “I look forward to his contributions to improving America’s infrastructure and developing commonsense transportation policies.” 

“A major concern for many who live in California’s 25th District is the status of our nation’s infrastructure, especially right here in Southern California. For too long, we’ve relied upon an outdated system that is crumbling right before us,” Garcia said. “I am excited to work with my colleagues to find realistic and pragmatic solutions to real-world problems facing California’s 25th District.” 

The House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology has jurisdiction over all energy research, development, and projects as well as all federally-owned or operated non-military energy laboratories; astronautical research and development, including resources, personnel, equipment, and facilities; civil aviation research and development; environmental research and development; marine research; commercial application of energy technology. 

 “The heartbeat of our nation’s aerospace program is located squarely in Southern California,” Garcia added. “As a member of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, I am uniquely positioned to represent our collective interests when it comes to the United States’ future space exploration.”