Black Women Rally for Action (BWRA) released a statement recently calling on Los Angeles County to “stand united” with the sons, daughters and fellow citizens, in this time of protest and action to eliminate institutional and systemic racism in our nation. Members of the group produced and posted a video message speaking directly to the Black community to invite them to bring the energy and passion seen in recent protests and join in the planning process to make real comprehensive systemic changes across Los Angeles County. 

Formed in 2019, BWRA-Los Angeles  is a coalition of diverse organizations and individuals dedicated to advancing the health, economic and social well-being of all Los Angeles County Black women and the community through direct action and advocacy. Last fall, the group predicted that Los Angeles County was predisposed to the risk of riots breaking out again because of overwhelming evidence that Blacks feel that they are not receiving equal treatment in County service as evidenced by Los Angeles County health and economic data.

Their statement noted that former President Barack Obama suggested that Blacks take on local level reform. The group has begun the process to develop plans to advocate for broad policy and system changes across Los Angeles County.

“Let’s get to the heart of the issue and fix the systems in order for our communities to heal and thrive,” said BWRA co-chair Helena Johnson. She adds that “Non-Black folks must take responsibility for their implicit bias and work with us to bring about systemic change. We are inspired by the diversity among the protesters.”

The statement also made note of Obama’s suggestion that African-Americans take the protest momentum and take action.

“We all need to be held accountable. Our politicians, the business sector, the medical field, our courts, religious organizations, and anyone who has a stake in our society,” said BWRA co-chair Brenda Anderson. “It’s time to stop passing the buck. We invite the protesters and all allies to join us in developing and advocating for systemic change to eliminate systemic racism. The Los Angeles mayor must include our voices in the planning of the City’s new strategies.”