At the time of his death, Jim L. Hope was serving as the African Scientific Institute (ASI) representative for the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area and international advisor. He made his transition on Feb. 26.

“Certainly ASI will always be grateful for his astute mind, gentle ways, expertise and devotion to the mission of ASI,” wrote Lee O. Cherry, ASI president and CEO.

“James L. Hope brought to the position of International Advisor many years of experience working in Africa and on Africa – related projects. He first set foot on the African Continent in 1951 when his ship stopped in Alexandria, Egypt on its way to Beirut, Lebanon where he took up residence and attended school,” Cherry said. “Over the years Hope assisted in the establishment of the National School of Law and Administration in what was then the newly independent Republic of Congo. While there, he also provided material and logistical support for the Pan-Africanist Congress of South Africa – which was the only South African liberation movement operating outside of South Africa at the time – and the National Front for the Liberation of Angola (FNLA) which at the time was recognized by the OAU as the true and legitimate representative of the Angolan liberation effort.

“To mention here all he has done to further the professional development of Africans and African Americans and its network of scientists and technologists is too difficult to do quickly,” Cherry said. “He, and ASI, have always been particularly interested in addressing the problems of developing countries, with special emphasis on capacity building.”