In honor of African-American Heritage Month, L.A. Controller Ron Galperin has released a new and unique online map of public sites and resources that highlight the City of Los Angeles’ strong African-American history. “African-American Heritage Across Los Angeles,” online at, showcases 28 local places, monuments and institutions that are recognized as culturally or historically significant to the development of the city’s African-American community.

“The African-American community’s influence on Los Angeles has been indelible—from the days of Biddy Mason to the 20-year tenure of Mayor Tom Bradley and the muralists whose public art makes our neighborhoods so vibrant today,” said Galperin. “This map highlights some of our City’s most important historical sites, along with others that deserve greater public visibility, illustrating how much African-Americans have done to shape our city’s progress and transformation into a diverse, modern and culturally rich metropolis.”

“African-American Heritage Across Los Angeles” is part of Galperin’s mission to use mapping, data and innovative strategies to promote civic engagement and connect the public with a wider range of city resources and services. The map allows users to explore places of worship, museums, notable residences, and other historically and culturally important public landmarks and spaces throughout the city that underscore the contributions of the African-American community.