With the Grammys around the corner, it’s perfect time for multi-talented James Worthy to release “Kaleidoscopes,” a colorful collection of new songs. Here is a project where he was able to showcase his many gifts, including that as a songwriter, arranger, producer and artist. Worthy is a Billboard charting recording artist who is no stranger to awards, including the Grammys (nominated three times).

Worthy has a history of making hits with other artists, especially as a producer. His list of work includes tracks for Ruff Endz, Truth Hurts, Fetty Wap, Ceelo Green and T-Pain. That gives you an idea of the variety of work he’d had. And now to that list of hit makers, he’s adding his own name as an artist.

Indeed, his spanking brand new project, Kaleidoscopes,” puts him in that rare position of being crossover artist. The album easily blends pop, hip hop and R&B, enabling listeners from multiple music genre to enjoy his work. His ability to transcend genre can be traced to his childhood, where he was exposed to a lot of different types of music. He also was eager to learn and self-taught himself how to play various instruments. By the time he was just 17, he was growing a rep in the industry as a creative, hard-working and talented songwriter/producer.

Over the years, he’s also developed as a composter and an artist in his own right. And it’s not work for him. It’s his life calling, evident in the high quality of his work and the joy it emanates, whether he’s behind the mic or it front of it. What does he like to do the most?

“That’s hard… because I love it all. I love artistry… it’s a different kind of work for me. I love it all. Each one of the tracks on Kaleidoscope has its own unique value. I put all my skills set together for this.”

When hip hop became commercially hot back in the ‘90s, a lot of tracks lacked live instrumentation. Worthy, on the other hand, loves incorporation real instruments, especially percussion and bass, into his bodies of work.

“I have always been a fan of it. I was just more attracted to it. I love rhythmic instruments. I love live bands and orchestra. I learned early on that instruments and drums and bass lines gave track the extra feelings I

wanted and had envisioned. I’ve learned a lot … it’s a lot of work. You have to be dedicated. It’s not something you can learn overnight… it’s not like anything else… it takes time and effort.

Yes, as accomplished as he is, Worthy is still a student of the industry. His influences, peers he has studies, include of course Quincy Jones. A Tribe Called Quest, Pharrell Williams and Diplo. Again, notice the variety of genre.

Early January, Worthy took all of his talents and wrapped them in the seven-track “Kaleidoscopes.”

“I wanted to follow up with something that would have more impact… I wanted to give people the introduction of me as an artist… me, musically. I have to grow and I have to grow with my audience…. I want to bring people into my world… each song has a particular story in it… lot of personal things I am growing through in life… I wanted people to grasp who I am… it’s easy to listen to in an entertaining way.”

Worthy believes the tracks will attract a lot of different people, multiple demographics, in fact, because the songs revolve around real things in life people go through. “It’s me giving people a bigger look at my life and artistry. I’m kind of new artist. I want people to grow with me. I have been working on this for a long time, trying to craft the perfect project. I want people to understand where I am.

One of his favorite track includes “This Wave,” which features Truth Hurts. The track has a mixture of flavors, incandescent with beautiful vocals from Worthy and his guest. There’s also a remix of the track with Jillisa Lynn. Another scintillating cut is “Higher & Higher,” which is mid-tempo and features a catchy hook. Then there’s “Gone Get It.” It’s a multi-layered track that will ring high on urban and Top 40/R radio. Nice up-tempo beat complimented by Worthy’s vocals, his production prowess and guest vocals from Ray Lavender and Ruff Endz.

Worthy will be going on a promotional tour, hitting radio and the media. A release party kicks it all off on Jan. 24, and a Kaleidoscopes tour will happen later in the year.