The U.S. Census is hiring. Participating in this once-every-10-years opportunity can assist your community and earn a temporary income.

The U.S. Census helps to determine each state’s representation in Congress, and specifically how funds are allocated for schools, hospitals, education and infrastructure. As well, an accurate count will help to guide many decisions made by government agencies, private businesses and familiar institutions.

In preparation for the count, the Census Bureau is hiring tens of thousands of recruits to work temporary jobs across the nation. Jobs with the Census Bureau vary from working in the field, canvassing, updating maps, doing follow-up interviews with citizens in your community, or working in an office as a clerk.

The majority of the jobs will begin on April 1, 2020, and end in December 2020. To be able to work for the Census you must:

—Be 18 years old

—Have a valid Social Security number

—Be a U.S. Citizen

—Complete an application and answer assignment questions

–Register with the Selective Service System

—Pass a Census-performed criminal background check

—Commit to completing training, and

—Be available to work flexible hours

If you currently have a job, you can still work for the Census—but only if your present employment does not clash with your responsibilities as a Census worker. Veterans and active-duty military personnel may be eligible for Census Bureau’s veteran’s preference program.

Find out more about working for the U.S. Census by calling (855) 562-2020 or visit