Singer Cher has offered to pay the legal expenses for a Black security guard that was fired from a school in Wisconsin after he told a student not to use the n-word against him, reports the Independent.

Cher told reporters she was pay any legal fees for Marlon Anderson if the security guard wanted to sue the school. Anderson said the student, who is also Black, called him multiple obscenities during a confrontation. The n-word was used. Anderson used the n-word himself when he asked the student not to use it, and he was then fired for using it. The incident took place at Madison West High School, which has zero tolerance for staff using the word.

Cher went on social media and said: “How can people be this disrespectful?” The Oscar-winning actress then referenced Elijah Cummings, then Black Democratic Senator from Maryland that passed last week. “A beloved man of color just passed and our nation is mourning him,” she wrote. “Elijah Cummings FOUGHT FOR JUSTICE. He was loved and feared. If you want to sue [Madison Metropolitan School District] education board, I will incur your expenses.” Anderson was fired on Wednesday after working at the school for 11 years. “But I had no idea me being called the word and me telling the student not to call me the word would get me fired.”