The city of Palmdale residents have the opportunity to win free Dry Town Water Park season passes, by participating in the new Recycle Coach app.

The contest is designed to help spread the word about the app and its many helpful uses. By simply downloading the app and/or sharing the city’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter messages regarding the app contest and then posting them on the Recycle Coach TM app, two individual residents will be selected to win two 2019 Dry Town Water Park season passes each, for a total of four passes to be given away. The contest is free and open to all Palmdale residents.

“Managing household trash, recycling, and reporting issues in our community is made easy with the Recycle Coach app,” Palmdale Management Analyst Mica Schuler said. “The app enables you to get a personalized collection and event schedules, provides tools to set customized reminders for things like regular collections, holiday changes and events, notifications for street sweeping, a forum for general questions regarding trash/recycling services, and the ability to report issues such as graffiti vandalism, traffic light malfunctions, park restroom problems, illegal dumping, and more directly to city staff. By using the GPS function on their phone, residents can pinpoint the exact locations.”

To enter, residents need to download the Recycle Coach app, select the “Report a Problem” tab, select a problem and then select contest and post,” I have downloaded the app” in the description section for one entry.

“If you already have the app and/or receive additional entries you may share any of the city’s Recycle Coach posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, which is worth one entry for each share,” Schuler added. “Let us know that you’ve shared one of the posts in the description section of the contest entry, and included your social media user name.”

The contest will run from May 30 to June 19, and the winners will be selected randomly on June 19.

“Follow us on the city’s Facebook page, City of Palmdale-Government, on Instagram, and on Twitter at Palmdale City for more information and updates about the contest,”Schuler said.

For more information, call (661) 267-5300.