Isaac Wright Jr. (279566)

The story of Isaac Wright Jr. is a remarkable one, and one that is set for television via ABC with 50 Cent as producer. In 1991, Wright was convicted in a New Jersey courtroom under the New Jersey Kingpin law. He represented himself at trial, was convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

While serving his sentence, he continued to study law and began overseeing his own appeal while also working inside the prison as a paralegal. He won his own freedom after several years. He also reduced the sentences of as many as 20 inmates that he worked with while incarcerated. Attorneys that opposed him found him to be a worthy opponent. In fact, according to, some of Wright’s legal arguments have affected laws on the books.

One of the many highlights of his storied career is the way he extracted a confession from a veteran police officer during an evidentiary hearing. That case ended up exposing widespread corruption and in fact impacted his own case. Prosecutor Nicholas L. Bissell Jr. was exposed, and when he heard on TV that the officer had confessed, he fled New Jersey, and moments before federal authorities kicked down a Las Vegas hotel room door to apprehend him, he shot himself.

Wright has gone on as a successful legal eagle, and became co-counsel to a high profile case in late 2017/early 2018 that involved Isaiah Bell (brother to NFL player) being accused of murder. The show, based on Wright’s experiences, is called “For Life,” and will also examine the flaws and challenges in our current legal and penal systems, reports Variety. 50 Cent is executive producer of “For Life,” and Wright is consulting. The drama is slated to debut on ABC sometime this year.