“The Carver Dimension,” written by Kimberly Athena, provides a fresh look at one of the most influential African-Americans of the 20th century in revealing in detail the success and struggles of scientist and inventor George Washington Carver.

Carver, who was born into slavery (c. 1864) during the Civil War, was able to escape the hardships and went to college and studied piano and art. But his real interest was botany. Carver received a bachelor’s degree in agriculture, after graduating from the State Agricultural College in Ames, Iowa, and conducted agricultural research at the Tuskegee Institute in Alabama. He taught students there until his death in 1943.

Carver’s botanical interest and scientific breakthroughs helped many poor White and Black Southern farmers to grow better crops, after the cotton plantations destroyed the soil. He was able to find use for peanut plants and sweet potatoes and therefore improved the life of many farmers. But agriculture wasn’t Carver’s only interest. He experimented with various recipes in his laboratories and even helped during the Great Depression. While his fame grew in the agricultural aspect, he also became popular as a promoter for racial equality.

Towards the end of Carver’s career, Henry Ford, who shared the same interest in botany, became close friends with Carver, and together they discovered new ways to derive plastic and fuel from plants.

“I’ve been wanting to write a book for a while.” Athena said. “I put a lot of time in over the past year.”

This is Athena’s first book, which is self-published through the Ohio-based publishing company 48 Hour Books. Athena’s research involved going to the library and finding information on Carver online.

“There’s still not a lot available about his life,” Athena said.

Athena, who graduated and received her nursing diploma in 2009, shares a love and passion for writing, especially about scientists and paranormal research. The North Carolina native was amazed to learn all about the inventions George Washington Carver created from the peanut plant to fuels for automobiles.

“He was a very smart, industrious person,” Athena added.

“The Carver Dimension” is a tribute and inspiration to what the human spirit can accomplish while facing great adversity. Carver was a man of great knowledge and integrity. He was a great inspiration in his time and even today. His knowledge, wisdom, and selflessness was truly a gift. This book gives a great insight of a man that was born an orphan during slavery. However, he was able to beat the odds. This book also gives great advice on how anyone can reach their goals and rise above any obstacles, with ambition. In today’s world, the people need hope and inspiration.”

Athena’s next project will be a book about her experience with paranormal activity in the work place.

Her work can be purchased at her website at www.beyondouruniverse.com