Wisconsin lawmakers once again fought on party lines over how to celebrate Black History Month, with some Republicans objecting to a resolution offered by the Black Caucus. According to the Kenosha News, there are no African American Republicans in the Wisconsin Legislature. Eventually, lawmakers compromised and unanimously approved a resolution that did not include any mention of former San Francisco 49er Colin Kaepernick (who grow up in Wisconsin). Rep. LaKeshia Myers, D-Milwaukee, said she wanted Kaepernick included in the resolution because he was born in Wisconsin, because he excelled in his chosen profession and because he “took the onus and responsibility to not just run a ball down a field and be done.” She added, “He decided to take on ownership of a problem that he saw, which was police brutality, and the fact that we hope everyone in this room recognizes that Black lives are important and yes, they do matter. Whether you dislike the method that he used, understand that it is a part of America’s DNA, not just African-Americans, to protest. The personal ability to show one’s dissent.” Part of the problem is at this time, the state is mourning the loss of a police officer killed in the line of duty while serving a warrant to a known gun dealer. Bringing up Kaepernick at this time as a subject of honor was not being well received in the legislature.