A dozen farm workers in the Antelope Valley will receive $23,705 in back pay and penalties based on a minimum wage enforcement action announced this week.

The Los Angeles County Department of Consumer and Business Affairs settled with Charlie Brown Farms, a business in unincorporated Littlerock that failed to pay the correct minimum wage to the workers. Since July 2016, the DCBA has helped more than 1,250 employees recover more than $186,000 in unpaid wages.

“All employees in Los Angeles County deserve to be compensated fairly for their hard work,” said Joseph Nicchitta, director of the DCBA. “Business owners must understand and pay their workers the correct minimum wage. If they’re unsure about their obligations to their employees, they should contact our wage enforcement team.”

The current minimum wage in unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County is $13.25 per hour for businesses with 26 or more employees and $12 an hour for businesses with 25 or fewer workers.

Employees who believe they are not being paid the correct minimum wage and employers with questions about compliance can contact the department at (800) 593-8222 or visit www.dcba.lacounty.gov/minimum-wage.