North Carolina-based entrepreneur Latoya Nicole has launched the coloring book series “Entrepreneurs Color Too” to give Black women a new method to relieve stress on the go. Her newest book, “80’s Ladies,” features fashion trends from the 80’s and 90’s, while her first book, “24 Shades of Business,” is filled with 24 inspiring illustrations of Black women in various occupations from CEO to a Yoga Instructor, and has already sold thousands of copies.

Since the book series released it has gotten major press, including “Curly Nikki,” “Black Enterprise,” “Madame Noire,” “Official Black Wall Street” and more than thousands of books have been sold all around the world. “24 Shades of Business” has even been stocked in Barnes & Noble bookstores and “80’s Ladies” gets lots of wholesale purchases from people who love the 80’s and 90’s era. The books are great therapy for Black women and it highlights the culture in a positive image!

“Women can be so self-sufficient and self-sacrificing that sometimes we can forget the importance of self-care,” Nicole said. “I knew I wanted to create something that I could relate to because representation matters, plus coloring was like therapy for me. Coloring allows us to switch our brains off from other thoughts and focus and concentrate only on the moment which can help decrease stress.”

She continued, “The time and focus that adult coloring takes can help remove the focus from the negative issues and habits and focus them in a more productive way. When we are thinking about which color to choose and when we are applying crayon or colored pencil to paper, we are also working on problem solving. Who knew all of this was involved from the simple act of coloring and bringing a picture to life? Even now, many psychologists suggest coloring to patients as a means of relaxation, and as a calming tool.”

Both “24 Shades of Business” and “80s Ladies” are available for purchase on Amazon.