As part of Lancaster’s Smart City initiative, downtown Lancaster now offers a free Wi-Fi zone on The BLVD from 10th Street West to MOAH, daily from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. This service is part of the city of Lancaster’s larger Smart City initiative. Along with other forward-thinking “Smart Cities” around the globe, Lancaster is integrating innovative technology into its operations and infrastructure.

“Lancaster is a city which prizes innovative solutions and thinking outside of the box. Propelled by this mindset, we have become a global leader in alternative energy as well as an Alternative Energy Research Center of Excellence for the State of California. We are not content to rest on our laurels – Lancaster is continuing to adopt new technologies and approaches into its way of conducting business,” said Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris. “Smart Cities are the future. Integrating smart technology into our infrastructure will enhance efficiency, safety, engagement, accessibility, and sustainability for our community.”

In the past decade, smart devices have drastically changed the way we all shop, do business, and connect with others. Becoming a Smart City involves using such technology to help cities work smarter. From signal lights which detect and adapt to traffic accidents and congestion and LED street lights equipped with video cameras to help law enforcement improve public safety, Smart City technology provides the city with data and predictive intelligence to improve operations.

Smart City implementations also include data-driven energy conservation and management, as well as citizen engagement platforms such as the Inform Lancaster app, which allows residents to easily access information or report issues via their mobile device. High-speed fiber installation is foundational to becoming a Smart City and has enabled the city to offer this free Wi-Fi zone.

BLVD Businesses in the free Wi-Fi zone will soon be receiving a decal to place in their windows, to inform patrons of this free service. There is no limit for Wi-Fi use during access times. To take part, BLVD visitors can simply select “The BLVD Wi-Fi” SSID on their phone or device, accept the terms and conditions, and get connected.

For more information on the City of Lancaster’s Smart City projects, read the city council message in the December edition of the city’s quarterly Outlook magazine.