The city of Palmdale is reminding residents to keep FOG—Fats, Oils and Grease—out of household sinks and drains this Thanksgiving.

“We typically see an increase in the sewer system volume during the holidays,” said Tim Carney, Palmdale’s collection system superintendent. “Unfortunately, FOG increases as well. FOG comes from cooking ingredients, including cooking oils, salad dressings, sandwich spreads, meat drippings, juices, fats, and other products used to prepare delicious meals. Deep-frying a turkey, for example, is a very popular way to prepare a Thanksgiving meal, but sometimes people do not properly dispose of the used oil. It should never go down the sink! The best place to dispose of the used cooking oil is the Antelope Valley Environmental Collection Center (AVECC) on the first and third Saturday of every month.”

“Over time, when people dump FOG items down the sink, it can result in sewer backups that can overflow onto the streets and even into the home, which can damage both property and the environment,” Carney said.

The City of Palmdale recommends the following for handling FOG materials:

• Never pour fats, oils and grease down the sink or garbage disposal.

• Pour fats, oils and grease, after they have cooled, into a sturdy container, such as an empty glass jar or coffee can. Once the container is full, close the lid securely and place it in the trash.

• Prior to washing, scrape and dry wipe pots, pans and dishes with paper towels and dispose of those materials in the trash.

• Use sink strainers to catch food items, and empty the strainer into the trash.

• To recycle large amounts of oil leftover from deep-frying a turkey, please call the Antelope Valley Environmental Collection Center (AVECC) at 1-888-CLEAN LA (1-888-449-7587).

• For businesses or households with larger volumes of FOG, contact 661/267-5272 for recycling options.

“By helping to prevent sewer blockages, you are protecting your home, saving money and helping the environment,” said Carney. “All of us play an important role in preventing neighborhood sewer blockages.”

For more information about Palmdale’s FOG prevention program, please call 661/267-5272.