The city of Palmdale unveiled its first of 20 parking spots designated for veterans wounded in combat as part of a national program through Wounded Warriors Family Support.

In attendance were Jack Woolbert and Jodie Kyman representing AV Vets for Veterans, Palmdale City Manager James Purtee, Assistant City Manager J.J. Murphy, Mayor Elect Steve Hofbauer and Councilmember Austin Bishop.

AV Vets for Veterans originally approached Murphy, an Air Force veteran, with the idea, who then spearheaded the effort at the City.

“My dad’s a wounded veteran from Korea, my uncle was wounded in Vietnam and my cousin was wounded in Kosovo, so I’ve personally seen the toll it can take on people,” said Purtee. “We will be installing these parking spots in multiple locations. It’s happening all across the country and we’re proud that Palmdale is a part of it.”

“When you see someone parking in one of these spots, go up to them, shake their hand and thank them,” said Hofbauer.

According to the Wounded Warriors Family Support’s website,, there are an estimated 1.8 million Purple Heart recipients, combat wounded service members who have transitioned back into civilian life.

Because their great sacrifices to ensure our freedoms often go unrecognized, Wounded Warriors Family Support’s founder, Col. John Folsom, decided to change that. Wounded Warriors Family Support offers Combat Wounded Parking Signs, free of charge, to establishments as a way of honoring and recognizing these veterans.

The response has been tremendous, stretching from coast to coast. The signs have been placed in the parking lots of businesses, churches, schools and colleges, government and medical facilities.

For more information about Combat Wounded Parking Signs, please visit or call Erin Colson at Wounded Warriors Family Support at (402) 932-7036.