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The venerable Agape International Spiritual Center led by renowned spiritual teacher and author, Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith has relocated to the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills, 8440 Wilshire Blvd., where their weekly Sunday services will now be conducted.

From Stevie Wonder and Oprah Winfrey, to Hilary Swank, Sterling K. Brown, Scott Bakula, Van Morrison and Ben Vereen, to Deepak Chopra, all have proclaimed Dr. Beckwith as one of the greatest global inspirational leaders of modern time in the 21st Century.

Entertainment mogul Oprah Winfrey says, “Michael Bernard Beckwith…teaches that the vision we set for our lives begins a sacred process of unfolding that unlocks everything that is unique, mighty and magnificent inside each of us.” Spiritual leader and author Deepak Chopra says, “Michael Beckwith eloquently unfolds the secrets of the deep inquiry for spiritual development, which leads to infinite possibilities in our lives.”

Academy Award-winning actress Hilary Swank says, “I have been going to Agape for 26 years. It’s been an important part of my soul’s evolution. I’m deeply grateful for Reverend Michael and the AGAPE community.” Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Van Morrison says, “The teachings of Michael Bernard Beckwith are very inspiring. I live stream on a regular basis and find it comforting and healing. He’s the real deal, and has uplifted my life.”

On July 22, Agape celebrated Dr. Beckwith’s birthday and kicked off its inaugural service at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills, CA featuring a megawatt musical celebration as the legendary Stevie Wonder and R&B vocalist Goapele serenaded Dr. Beckwith with Wonder’s song “Happy Birthday,” which Wonder wrote to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday becoming a national holiday.

“It was time to move and the community and the Agape board agreed, Rev. Beckwith said. “We have to work on our legacy. There was a tremendous flood in our building in Culver City, which is where we were based, prior to relocating to Beverly Hills. Unbeknownst to us, the building we held our services in was not up to code because it was housed with residential pipes, not commercial pipes. And on top of that, our landlords wanted to double our rent. We had outgrown the space, and there were parking issues too. Collectively, all of these were signals it was time to move. And so we did. Now, several months later, we are stabilizing in our transition to Beverly Hills, not only from moving our Spiritual Center here, but our offices as well, so we can be grounded as we approach the 32nd anniversary of Agape’s founding on Nov. 30.”

Rabbi David Baron, founder of the Beverly Hills Temple of the Arts at the Saban Theatre said, “We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Beckwith and his flock to the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills. Dr. Beckwith and I have been friends for years, so when he approached me about the possibility of relocating AGAPE to the Saban Theatre, I said, absolutely, why not? As a religious leader, my temple services are held on Friday evenings, so Dr. Beckwith is able to hold his services on Sunday mornings.”

The Agape International Spiritual Center is a global community dedicated to recognizing, honoring and nurturing the dignity and uniqueness of all people. By practicing the universal spiritual principles embodied in the New Thought-Ageless Wisdom teachings, Agape attendees learn to become agents of transformation. Agape’s 9,000 local members embrace the transformational and evolutionary impulse of the planet through spiritual practice, sacred service and unconditional love.

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