Tis the season to shop, gift and give. It is also the season when would-be thieves are on the lookout for an easy target. You can make sure your holiday purchases end up under your tree and not part of the “stolen collection” by following simple safety tips.

The city of Santa Clarita continues to receive recognition as one of the best places to live and do business. A decline in criminal activity in 2018 is due in part to the vigilance of residents who report suspicious behavior, hide valuables from sight and lock their vehicle and home doors. It is also important to not forget cell phones, purses and other high value items in vehicles.

“Thieves are always on the lookout for an easy target,” says Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station Captain Robert Lewis. “By leaving gifts, boxes, bags and packages where crooks can see them – may leave you a victim and set you back financially to replace these items. Take a few extra seconds to ensure that your items are hidden and locked up.”

Law enforcement suggests you follow these tips to keep your holiday packages safe:

• Lock valuable items, shopping bags and packages in your trunk and out of sight when your car is parked.

• Avoid putting your Christmas tree in front of a window where thieves can see it and your gifts.

• When possible, require a signature for any delivery you are expecting.

• Track package deliveries via text or email so you know when they will arrive.

• Have packages shipped to your workplace, or someplace where someone can receive it, so it doesn’t remain on your porch while you aren’t home.

• Consider installing a home surveillance camera.

To get more information on how you can keep your items from becoming part of the Stolen Collection, visit SCStolenCollection.com.