Colin Powell (271039)

In honor of Veteran’s Day, which was yesterday Nov. 11 but will be recognized today Nov. 12 as a national holiday) Black Enterprise magazine listed 13 former U.S. servicemen who now sit of the board of directors of a variety of prestigious companies. The list includes former General Colin Powell, who rose through the ranks to become this country’s first African American chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (the top position in the Armed Forces), who sits on the board for

General Lloyd J. Austin III is also a highly decorated veteran that was once the Combined Forces Commander in Iraq and Syria. He is on the board for Nucor Corp. On the board for both Waste Management Inc. and Aetna Inc., Frank M. Clark Jr. served in Vietnam and then came home to earn bachelor and law degrees from DePaul University. Others on the list sit on the boards of Viacom, AFLAC and Ryder Systems, among others. To see the complete list and read about the stellar careers of these veterans, go here.