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The city of Lancaster concluded its Ring Doorbell and Camera Rebate program, after issuing all 1,000 discount codes to Lancaster residents in less than two weeks. The rebate program, unanimously approved by the Lancaster City Council in early September, offered community members up to a $150 discount on Ring’s innovative line of home security products, in partnership with the Lancaster Sheriff Boosters.

“It is no surprise that this program was well received by the Lancaster community,” said Mayor R. Rex Parris. “Our residents’ collective desire to work together to improve public safety, coupled with a great deal – due to the generosity and support of the Lancaster Sheriff Boosters – made for a program that will continue to positively impact the city for years to come.” 

The subsidized program was made possible by a $50,000 contribution from the Lancaster Sheriff Boosters in partnership with the city, which has also allocated $50,000 in city funds, as well as a $50,000 match from Ring.

The program was made available on Oct. 18 to residents within the the boundaries of Avenue H to Avenue K and 20th Street West to 30th Street East. The launch event for this initial program area was attended by more than 300 community members eager to claim their discount code and purchase a Ring product.

The Ring Doorbell and Camera Rebate program officially launched citywide on Oct, 25, at which time all community members living within Lancaster city limits were able to register to receive a substantial subsidy on a Ring product. Residents quickly applied to be part of the program, resulting in the distribution of the remaining discount codes.

“It is the mission of both the city council and the Sheriff Boosters to support those programs which provide the most benefit to our residents – and our partnership with Ring has allowed us to do just that,” added Marvin Crist, Lancaster Vice Mayor and chairman of Lancaster Sheriff Boosters. “I look forward to seeing how the use of the Ring doorbell continues to help residents and law enforcement better protect our community.”

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