Homeless housing expert Katie Hill built a non-profit organization, family and career in Northern Los Angeles because she loves the region’s affordability and quality of life. She has a passion for the vulnerable among us. Katie also believes deeply in the value of public service and the importance of civic participation. These values have intersected in Katie’s pursuit of California’s 25th District of the United States House of Representatives, which includes portions of Kern and Venture counties, in addition to Lancaster, Palm dale and surrounding areas.

The federal government has a close connection to the Antelope Valley, Department of Defense and LA Metro construction contracts produce thousands of jobs and President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act makes healthcare right, rather than a privilege. The relative affordability of housing makes the region desirable for young families to grow.

All of these things are important to a thriving and vibrant community. Katie Hill works daily to make the Antelope Valley a better bet for working families.

The current representative of the Antelope Valley in United States Congress is Steve Knight. He has distinguished himself as a partisan who cares more about Washington, D.C. than about Lancaster, Palm dale, Quartz Hill, Sun Village, Lake Los Angeles, Acton, Agra Dulcet, and Little rock. Steve Knight has never embraced bi-partisanship. He has also been unable to reduce the homeless crisis and bring children out of poverty. It’s not his experience and not his interest.

Katie Hill has built organizations and bi-partisan coalitions to address the homeless crisis, improve our local public schools, increase access to affordable healthcare and mental health services, as well as making our communities safer. Katie likes to unite people, despite their differences. She invests her time in local issues of our community and does not relent until problems are solved.

Katie Hill is an organizational executive. She knows what it means to balance a payroll and to make hard decisions to meet the bottom line. Katie is a Democrat who will bring independents and Republicans together to find solutions to the problems that prevent the Antelope Valley from being the best it can be.

The race for the 25th congressional district is in the national spotlight as many groups that support Democrats and Republicans advocate for their candidate of choice. The Antelope Valley deserves a representative that focuses on local issues and puts our community first. The Antelope Valley can be first in jobs, opportunity, and education. The Antelope Valley can be first in healthcare, wellness, and healing. The Antelope Valley can be a place that takes care of its seniors, its children, and everyone in between. The Antelope Valley can be a center of hope with a promise for a brighter tomorrow. These are the values of this community.

Katie Hill shares the values of the residents of this area. She is a hardworking parent, spouse, and leader. Though only 31, she is wise beyond her years and ready to lead for the present and for the future. Her campaign has been embraced by organizations you know trust and respect including President Obama himself, nurses, firefighters, California Lieutenant Governor Gavin News om, United States Senator Kampala Harris, Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Riley-Thomas, and United States Congresswoman Karen Bass.