Rent Control (270410)

Proposition 10 is a ballot measure that will allow cities to create their own rent control regulations by repealing the Costa-Hawkins Act of 1995. When Costa-Hawkins was enacted at the state level it took away rent control powers from the cities. Supporters of the law argued that some local rent control ordinances were too restrictive and those restrictions discouraged construction of new housing. When Costa-Hawkins became law, they predicted an increase in construction, housing supply, and overall affordability.

Unfortunately, this didn’t happen.

Today, 23 years later, we can see that Costa-Hawkins has failed. New construction has not kept up with market demand and rents continue to rise pushing affordable housing out of reach for lower and middle-class families.

“It’s become painfully obvious that what we’re doing now isn’t working,” said Michael Lawson, president and CEO of Los Angeles Urban League. “It’s time for a new approach to rent control in Los Angeles and Proposition 10 is a good first step.”

Recent studies by UCLA and real estate company Zillow have showed a direct correlation between rising rents and homelessness in Los Angeles. The Zillow study revealed that a 5% rent hike in L.A. County would cause 2,000 additional people to lose their homes. “With rents continuing to rise year-over-year we can’t continue on this trajectory,” Lawson said. “And that is why, this November, we are urging a YES on Proposition 10.”

Passing Proposition 10 is just the first step. Once it passes, then the real work begins. By repealing the Costa-Hawkins Act we can effectively hit the reset-button and provide local officials with a blank slate to create rent control ordinances based on feedback from their communities.

A “yes” vote on Propsition 10 gives power back to local officials and allows them to create rent control ordinances based on feedback from their communities.

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